Services We Offer

Making The Dream of Flight Accessible to Everyone

Pilot Instruction

We offer instruction on a variety of certificates & endorsements and strive to bring them to you at a competitive price.

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Flight Reviews

Continue your education bi-annually. If your certificate has expired, no problem! We can get you all updated.

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Discovery Flights

Wonder what it's like to fly in our planes? We offer discounted prices to let you try us out!

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Aircraft Rental

All of our planes are available for rent. If you already hold the proper certification, come get checked out in the aircraft, and it will be available for you to rent solo.

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About Us

At Right Rudder Aviation we are dedicated to a safe and fun atmosphere for our students. We focus on the fundamentals of flight, with no distraction. We were founded with stick and rudder aviation in mind, and while there are more advanced planes out there, we value the skills gained by flying at the most basic level first. When you train with us, we will insure you have a solid foundation. This will be the case whether you only intend to fly Light-Sport or have the intention of becoming a commercial pilot.

What to Bring:

First Time Flight Students
Pilot Logbook - If you already own one, bring it over. If not, that's alright, we have them available at the office. Photo I.D. - So we can satisfy T.S.A. requirements. Please bring a passport or birth certificate. Renter's insurance if you already own it. We can assist with acquiring it if needed. It is very affordable in most cases.
Discovery Flights
Just your photo I.D.
Rentals & Flight Reviews
Flight Reviews: Certificate in need of review, or expired certificate. Rentals: Proof of renter's insurance, applicable active certificates.