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Since humans first began roaming this Earth, we have looked upwards towards the heavens and marveled as we witnessed birds alone master the skies. We have long wondered how they are able to achieve this magic, to move freely in space without being chained to the surface as we are.  While we did not understand how flight would advance society, we innately understood the freedom flight would bring would be unlike anything we had previously experienced.  Mankind dreamed of making the joys of flight a reality for millennia and across generations, yet as sincere as we were in our desires, we were unable to make flight a reality…

Until two brothers decided that they would be the ones to achieve powered flight in the year nineteen hundred and three.  The world was in Awe.  People who had never left their hometown made the pilgrimage to witness the miracle of flight firsthand.  In a few short years, the number of pilots grew from 2 to more than 2,000 at the start of World War One in nineteen hundred and fourteen.   World War Two ensured the further rapid development of aviation and aircraft technology and brought aviation out of it’s infancy.

Airplanes and airplane ownership became quite common after the war, with over nineteen thousand Piper Cub training aircraft produced between 1938-1947.  In 1956 the worlds bestselling airplane, the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, was released to great fanfare.  These airplanes and dozens of other general aviation aircraft models helped make flight a realistic and achievable feat for the average person.  Finally, our desire to master the skies and loosen the chains of gravity was easily within our grasp.

Right Rudder Aviation was founded so that we may share our passion of aviation with the world and to help make your dreams of attaining flight a reality.  We have the right of free speech, and we similarly believe that we have the right to flight.  We argue that you should exercise both.  Our Love for aviation is stronger than the pull of gravity, and we truly wish to share the joy of aviation with you and your loved ones.  Have you ever watched a child’s first steps?  Remember the smile that came across your face?  We feel the same way every time our students take flight.

At Right Rudder Aviation, we are flight training professionals.  We are here because we Love what we do, not because we are building hours or for a glamorous paycheck.  We believe in mastering the basics of aviation, the stick and rudder skills that will stay with you for a lifetime.  Our extensive curriculum and teaching style will ensure that flight becomes second nature to you.  No longer will you look to the sky and wonder what might be possible, but you will take to the skies as your ancestors could not, and truly know the joys of flight.

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